Dieters often struggle to change their eating habits when they start a new weight loss program. If you’ve tried to slim down by cooking healthier foods or eating less, you know how hard it can be.  And you know how easy it is to blame yourself when you don’t get the results you want.

But I recently tried a program that may solve these issues. Diet-to-Go provides pre-made, fully cooked meals to people who are trying to lose weight, people who are trying to eat a healthier diet, or people who just want the convenience of high-quality prepared foods.

 While no program can make weight loss completely effortless, this one can make the process a little bit easier and a lot tastier.

Diet-to-Go Meal Plan Options

I sampled meals from the Diet-to-Go Traditional Menu Meal Plan.  Within that program, dieters can choose a 1200-calorie per day option or a 1600-calorie per day option.  Dieters can also choose the number of meals per day that they want to purchase.

Diet-to-Go also offers a Vegetarian Diet Meal Plan and a Low-Carb Diet Meal Plan, but the Traditional Plan is the most popular. Dieters have the meals delivered to their home by Fed Ex or in certain areas around the country, they can pick up fresh meals at designated locations. Currently, Diet-to-Go has pick-up locations near Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Is Diet-to-Go Expensive?

Prices for the meal service start at 106.59 for a 5-day, 1200-calorie plan that includes 10 lunch and dinner meals.

If you want three meals per day or a higher calorie plan you may pay up to $173.99/week for 21 breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.  Customers who have their meals shipped pay an additional 18.95 per week and customers who pick up fresh meals pay an additional $5 each week.

At first glance, the cost of the food may seem high.

  But when you run the numbers more carefully, the prices are fairly reasonable.  The price averages out to approximately $9 -12 per meal depending on the plan you choose.  That price is consistent with the prices of some other diet delivery meal programs.

The price is also less than you would pay for a healthy, satisfying meal in most restaurants.  Of course, it is possible to cook low calorie meals at home for less money, but that requires you to shop for healthy ingredients, prepare, and clean up after the meal. For some dieters, that time investment is what prevents them from eating better meals.

Do Diet-to-Go Meals Taste Good?

My favorite part of reviewing this program was tasting the food.  My expectations were low because each meal is heated in the microwave.  Honestly, when is the last time you ate a satisfying meal that came out of a microwave? I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find that the food quality, taste and texture is very good.

Hilton Davis, the founder and CEO of Diet-to-Go, explained that the company has a guest chef program in which they invite local culinary experts to come into their kitchen to cook food.

  Each meal is developed with taste as a priority, but then a registered dietitian evaluates the nutritional quality and calorie count.  “We don’t chase the latest diet trends,” say Davis.  “We follow the latest nutritional guidelines of the USDA, the American Heart Association and the American Dietetic Association to create meals that are both healthy and satisfying.”

Of course, everyone’s palate is different so I didn’t necessarily love every meal that I tasted, but the food was always nicely prepared, well-seasoned and very high quality.  A few of the meals even caused me to question the calorie count.  After I ate the Tomato Mushroom Omelet, I called the company to confirm their numbers because I thought it was simply too tasty to total only 240 calories.  But they checked and confirmed that the calorie count was, in fact, that low.

In addition to the high food quality, these meals are also plentiful and diverse.

  Each meal fills a full dinner plate. So you don’t get a sense that your food intake is being restricted.  In addition, you’ll eat a wide range of healthy items . You’ll find fish, poultry, essential whole grains and many different vegetables and fruit.  For many people, the meals may help them explore and learn about new, healthy foods that they’ve never tried.

More Diet-to-Go Services

If you are trying to lose weight and keep it off, the only problem with Diet-to-Go is that you won’t necessarily learn the cooking skills that you’ll eventually need for weight maintenance.  I think many dieters could be successful on this plan because the food tastes good and it is easy to prepare.  But unless you continue to buy the food, you’ll have to develop a plan to keep the weight off for good.

Some dieters may use Diet-to-Go support services to manage their goal and their eventual transition from weight loss to weight maintenance. Members have access to a team of professionals including a Registered Dietitian, a Nutritionist, and a Certified Health Coach.  Users can also take advantage of a smartphone app and website to help track their progress. And Fitbit users can sync their devices to the Diet-to-Go apps to track physical activity as well.

Will Diet-to-Go Help Me Lose Weight?

No food program or diet is a magic bullet for weight loss.  Different programs work for different dieters.  But for many, Diet-to-Go will solve the problems that stand in the way of weight loss success.  The food is excellent and program is convenient and cost effective.

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Dieters often struggle to change their eating habits when they start a new weight loss program. If you’ve tried to slim down by cooking healthier foods or eating less, you know how hard it can be.  And you know how easy it is to blame yourself when you don’t get the...